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Des Moines Professional Firefighters

  • #Brownout - non staffed fire apparatus in the City of Des Moines - reduction of services
  • Des Moines Fire Fighters - Local 4 Delegates at the 2014 Leadership Conference
  • Station 2 Neighbor - Grandma IDA - Firefighters helping their neighbor doing yard work
  • Angels in the Outfield - Community - Fire Fighter Byrce Landers
  • 9th Street Structure Fire 5/2013

IAFF 2nd District News Coming Soon

Local 4 Shirts from RAYGUN

There are a couple more shirts posted onto our webstore through RAYGUN. One is kind of a classic design with the IAFF logo for both Des Moines and Urbandale. The other a DMFD WET design. RAYGUN is going to hang these designs in both short and long sleeve.

Check out the store!

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Local 4 Family Holiday Movie

Flix Brewhouse has shut-down their venue for the time being which means we will need to postpone our viewing of The Polar Express.

The reservation was scheduled for Saturday, December 5th.

Please consider enjoying this free event when the theater re-opens. Our intent is to have a Christmas Whenever Movie once COVID restrictions are relaxed. Thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding.

DMFD point of contact: Nate Smith 319-573-0612 or [email protected]

UFD point of contact: Beth Harris 515-525-8484 or [email protected]

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Local 4 Family Holiday Movie

Flix Brewhouse is offering us a private 250-seat theater viewing of The Polar Express. Popcorn is on the house! Wear your pajamas just like the boys and girls on the train!!

The reservation is scheduled for Saturday, December 5th. Pre-show starts at 0930h and Showtime starts at 1000h.

Please consider enjoying this free event. Social distancing is not required but we have a theater large enough to spread out if you want to. Send your family if you are on shift. We kindly ask that you RSVP with the number of your family members attending by Saturday, November 28th.

DMFD point of contact: Nate Smith 319-573-0612 or [email protected]

UFD point of contact: Beth Harris 515-525-8484 or [email protected]

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These high school students became heroes after they helped put out a large fire.

On a nearby construction site, workers accidentally hit a gas main.
"So it just -- like a giant blow torch underground." Montgomery Fire Department Chief, Paul Wright, explains. "The natural combustion engine of the construction vehicle probably is what ignited the fuel. And then once that fuel, it just let off."

The site burst into flames.

The construction workers were able to flee the scene with minor injuries. When Angus Ellis and his friends heard about the fire, they knew they needed to help.

"We had heard there was a fire, so we went out here to see if everyone was alright," says Angus.

That's when the firemen and women asked for some help.

Watch the video to see these student's heroic save! Their quick thinking proves that you’re never too young to make a difference.

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Fire Prevention Week - 2020

It's #FirePreventionWeek2020

Here are a few things to help keep you & your family safe: ensure you have working smoke detectors, practice exit drills, sleep with doors closed, once outside - stay outside.

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Des Moines welcomes 2 new Sutphen Fire Trucks

DES MOINES , Iowa -- The Des Moines Fire Department welcomed 2 new additions to the City of Des Moines.

#Thank you to the Sutphen Corporation for the delivery of the 2 new Sutphen fire engines.

These Fire engines will be serving the citizens of Des Moines at Station 4 (central part of Des Moines) and Station 3 (Northeast side of Des Moines) neighborhoods.

Thank you to the Des Moines City Council and staff

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Fire Departments Ask for Help in Keeping Fire Hydrants Clear During Snow Storms

JOHNSTON, Iowa -- You clear the snow from your driveway, you clear the snow from your sidewalk ... but there's one thing you may be forgetting to clear.

Metro fire departments are asking you to take a minute to clear the snow from around the fire hydrants on your block. The hydrants are placed close to roads so they are easy for fire trucks to reach. That also makes them susceptible to being buried by snow plows.

You aren't legally responsible to dig out a fire hydrant in front of your house. However if its not clear and a fire breaks out then fire fighters will have to spend their time digging instead of extinguishing flames.

Tristan Johnson with the Johnston Fire Department says if you haven't unburied your fire hydrant yet then now is the time to act. "The more the weather gets cold, we have melting and refreezing, the harder it is to dig out," Johnson says, "The snow kind of gets compacted. The higher the pile gets the heavier it is for us to shovel out."

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DMFD Water Rescue

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