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Des Moines Professional Firefighters

  • #Brownout - non staffed fire apparatus in the City of Des Moines - reduction of services
  • Des Moines Fire Fighters - Local 4 Delegates at the 2014 Leadership Conference
  • Station 2 Neighbor - Grandma IDA - Firefighters helping their neighbor doing yard work
  • Angels in the Outfield - Community - Fire Fighter Byrce Landers
  • 9th Street Structure Fire 5/2013

IAFF 2nd District News Coming Soon

Fire Prevention Week - 2020

It's #FirePreventionWeek2020

Here are a few things to help keep you & your family safe: ensure you have working smoke detectors, practice exit drills, sleep with doors closed, once outside - stay outside.

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Des Moines welcomes 2 new Sutphen Fire Trucks

DES MOINES , Iowa -- The Des Moines Fire Department welcomed 2 new additions to the City of Des Moines.

#Thank you to the Sutphen Corporation for the delivery of the 2 new Sutphen fire engines.

These Fire engines will be serving the citizens of Des Moines at Station 4 (central part of Des Moines) and Station 3 (Northeast side of Des Moines) neighborhoods.

Thank you to the Des Moines City Council and staff

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Fire Recruit Graduation - Congratulations

CONGRATULATIONS to the City of Des Moines 96th Fire Academy Recruits....

You are cordially invited to view the Graduation ceremony for the
96th Fire Academy at
Thursday, August 6th, 2020 at 1:30 pm

Welcome to the recruits of the DMFD 96th Recruit Training Academy!

New Recruits are: Johnathon Mitchell, Doug Cole, Brandon Osterman, Kevin Farrell, Trenton Gavin, Thomas Bender, Trang Pham, Keven Brundrett, Jeremy Marker, Michael Saavedra, Jacob Kray, Evan Pitch, Trace Ball

First day in the Fire Stations was Monday, August 10th, 2020.

All Recruits have completed their Emergency Medical Training, Fire Training and then Emergency Paramedic Training.

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Fire Departments Ask for Help in Keeping Fire Hydrants Clear During Snow Storms

JOHNSTON, Iowa -- You clear the snow from your driveway, you clear the snow from your sidewalk ... but there's one thing you may be forgetting to clear.

Metro fire departments are asking you to take a minute to clear the snow from around the fire hydrants on your block. The hydrants are placed close to roads so they are easy for fire trucks to reach. That also makes them susceptible to being buried by snow plows.

You aren't legally responsible to dig out a fire hydrant in front of your house. However if its not clear and a fire breaks out then fire fighters will have to spend their time digging instead of extinguishing flames.

Tristan Johnson with the Johnston Fire Department says if you haven't unburied your fire hydrant yet then now is the time to act. "The more the weather gets cold, we have melting and refreezing, the harder it is to dig out," Johnson says, "The snow kind of gets compacted. The higher the pile gets the heavier it is for us to shovel out."

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DMFD Water Rescue

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